Invitation to A White Christmas
Posted on: 7th December 2014 11:22:16

Welcome to the December 2014 Edition!


The opening of this invitation means the calendar and the Guidebook have saved one of the most iconic and best loved songs/films of the holiday season for last!


It opens the door to a host of great memories from decorating the tree (or more precisely having it fall on you!), to singing carols, wrapping presents and baking cookies, all of which   can help us answer this month’s thought provoking question:

Why White Christmas?


Firstly, it fits nicely into the overall holiday theme of the guidebook~ it is tailor made for the activity professional and allows for an additional way to celebrate the holiday.


Secondly, it is a great avenue to promote communication. As soon as the DVD goes in the player, there is an opportunity to communicate. I particularly enjoy the sing-a-long aspect of this film.  Every time I jump to Scene Selection on the DVD (to move to the next scene), we have to stop and sing along with Bing!


It is a great time to be a fan of this film and of Bing Crosby! He is being rediscovered this month on PBS’ American Masters  (see our FB page for a preview) as the film celebrates a milestone 60th anniversary! 


This is a great opportunity to open the older generation’s memory. Reminisce about: Seeing the film for the first time, favorite characters, favorite songs, what was it like growing up in the war years and the years when Crosby was popular? What is a favorite Crosby song?


Remember, it follows the Classic Movie Musical formula, and allows for  healthy discussions about dating, flirting and falling in love (when it goes right: Danny Kaye/Vera- Ellen  and when it hits a bump in the road: Bing Crosby/ Rosemary Clooney). What was it like for your clients/family members? 


Thirdly, when discussing relationships with students consider:


What motivates these characters to act as they do?

What draws Kaye to Vera-Ellen so quickly?

 Is it true? The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing?


How does Clooney change Crosby, in the beginning of the film and in the end?

What changes does Clooney experience in the presence of Crosby?

What outside influences separate the two characters?

What brings them together?  

What kind of friend is Danny Kaye? 

Is he the glue that keeps friendships together or the scissors that tear them apart?


You, your residents, students and family members, decide as you spend the holiday in Pinetree, Vermont enjoying a White Christmas!


Have A Safe and Happy Holiday!



Thank you for joining me during this year of invitations to thought provoking questions and great classic movie musicals! It was a pleasure being your host!

See you in January when we pop the champagne cork to 2015 and a New Year of fun and surprises with the Classic Movie Musical!


























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