Starring:  William Daniels (John Adams), Howard DaSilva (Ben Franklin), Ken Howard (Thomas Jefferson), and Virginia Vestoff (Abigail Adams)

The story takes place in 1776, in Philadelphia during the second Continental Congress. In question: Independence.

This film showcases some great historical figures: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin, who are no longer lifeless descriptions in a book, but rather living, breathing, singing, human beings. Human beings who demonstrate joy, angst, frustration, and ultimately solidarity in their pursuit of the perfect union.

As you, your clients, students, and intergenerational family members, view this film, take the opportunity to discuss what it means to say the right thing, to do the right thing, to stand up for your beliefs in the face of opposition.

Spend time with your older generation clientele discussing separations, opportunities lost, and found, to be together in each relationship.

How did each encounter affect the relationship?

Be sure to open this question to your clients’ own relationships. Great stories are sure to emerge, as you discuss history and relationships. Revel in them, ask questions, sing songs, keep the conversation going long after the credits roll!

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