Starring:  George Montgomery (Bill Abbott), Ann Rutherford (Connie Ward), Cesar Romero (St. John Smith), Lyn Bari (Jaynie Stevens), The Glenn Miller Band (Gene Morrison and his band)

This film has some great big Band sounds, from “In the Mood” to “Bugle Call Rag”.

The story centers on the budding relationship between trumpet player, Bill Abbot (Montgomery), and star struck fan (Rutherford), as a Big Band travels from Illinois to Iowa on tour. 

The story leads the audience through all the facets and nuances of the classic movie musical relationship.  Beginning with boy meets girl, progressing to:  Boy gets girl, boy looses girl, and in the end -- boy gets girl.  

At every stop in the relationship, there are great opportunities:

To ask thought provoking questions and provide a healthy dose of reminiscence.

  • How do the characters treat one another? Respect between men and women is a great discussion topic
  • Is it proper for a man to ask a young lady to stay with him in a hotel without the benefit of marriage?
  • Sing popular songs of the day, and discuss recognizable characters/character traits.

Something for all stages and many different ages!

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Reference: Yauch, L (2015) Movies and Music: A Guide to Turning the Classic Movie Musical into An Interactive Event Raleigh, North Carolina: Lulu.com