Starring:     Fred Astaire (Don Hewes), Judy Garland (Hannah Brown). Ann Miller (Nadine Hale), and Peter Lawford (Johnny Harrow)

The story takes place during the Easter season, and focuses on the lives of three performers during the early years of show business (vaudeville).

Don Hughes and Nadine Hale, are a successful dance team. When their star is at its height, Nadine breaks up the act to headline in the Ziegfeld Follies.

Bruised ego in hand, Don sets out to find another partner. Seeing Hannah Brown in a local pub’s floorshow, he is determined to turn her into an even better partner, and get back at Nadine. 

The story builds from there and contains a classic Irving Berlin score, which includes the iconic songs “Easter Parade” and “I Love a Piano”, that will have all your clients singing and dancing in their seats.

Come for the music and Judy Garland’s legendary voice, but stay for the gorgeous dancing by all three principle performers, (Astaire, Garland, and Miller).

When choosing Easter Parade as a tool to promote intergenerational communication, consider the following:  

  • It allows for healthy doses of reminiscence with the older generation including Grandma, and opens the door to discussions of relationships/friendships for students.

As you look to this film as a classroom activity consider these discussion topics:

Character motivation.  What motivates the characters to act as they do?

What affect do their actions have on each of the other characters?

You decide, when you spend Easter with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland walking up the avenue!

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