Party On The Avenue!
Posted on: 1st April 2015 08:16:34


Tell your momma that we’re leaving! Tell your daddy that we’re gone…

~~ The Wonders 

To 1912 New York City with Fred Astaire, Judy Garland and Party Boy Peter Lawford!


Welcome to the April 2015 Edition ~ Easter Parade!


From the opening Astaire/Lawford conversation, when Johnny Harrow (Lawford) suggests: “I wanna give you two a farewell tonight. Where will it be Delmonico’s, Sherry’s, Shanley’s? Don Hewes  (Astaire) replies, “You decide you’re the party boy,” Easter Parade fits well into the party theme for this year!



In Easter Parade we are treated to many party scenes beginning with Pastini’s Restaurant (where Hannah Brown performs in a floor show and meets Don Hewes, the man who will change her life), and ending with a performance of the Ziegfield Follies (where Don meets an old flame and may lose the woman that has changed his life). 


These two scenes anchor the Guidebook’s discussion of this film but do not tell the whole story. It is the scenes in between (Wrong Twice, Fella with the Umbrella and I Love A Piano) that will help you answer this month’s thought provoking question:


How can this film be an engaging activity for my clients, students and family member?


The simplest answer is always the best. Pop in the DVD, Grab your Guide and Go!  This film is engaging from the start.


As soon as the DVD goes in the player, there is an opportunity for your clients, students and family members to engage.


Every time I jump to Scene Selection on the DVD (to move to the next scene) we have to stop and sing along with Judy!


When sing–a-longs segue into discussion of behavior take time to discuss the dynamics of male/female relationships with all your clients (adults and students).


Begin with reminiscing about the chase, (dating, flirting); continue through the sorrows and anger that come with misunderstandings, (Hannah’s misinterpretation of Don’s relationship with Nadine and Don’s under-estimation of Hannah as a partner). End with the joys of coming together when the air is cleared with a ring placed on a finger!


Don’t forget to give the third wheels (Nadine and Johnny) a healthy dose of discussion.


Motivation is a great discussion topic for these two characters.


In Fella with an Umbrella what are Johnny’s motives in walking Hannah to her door? What is implied by the removal of the little black book from his pocket?  What is Hannah’s motive when leaving him in the rain?


What kind of a friend is Johnny to Hannah, Don and Nadine? For him what are the perks/pitfalls of being their friend?


What are Nadine’s motives for: Leaving Don? Criticizing Hannah as Don’s new partner? Embarrassing Hannah at the Ziegfield audition?  Flirting with Johnny?    What kind of person is Nadine? Is she the kind of person you would want as a friend?


Discussions of relationships, motivations, an opportunity to sing – a- long with a fabulous Irving Berlin score should give you, your clients, students and family members good reason to join us on the Avenue, 5th Avenue for Easter Parade!


Happy Easter!


Coming in May: Two Parties!


A Box Social in Oklahoma with Shirley Jones and Gordon Macrae!




A Road Trip to the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the FLASHA Convention! Party @ the Booth May 28-30!  See You  There!

  ~~ Lori


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