Starring: Topol (Tevye), Norma Crane (Golde), Leonard Frey (Motel), Rosiland Harris (Tzietel), Michelle Marsh (Hodel), and Neva Small (Chava)

The story takes place in a small village in Russia at the turn of the century. It is the story of a simple, yet faithful man and his family of three marriage-minded daughters, and how they navigate a changing world.  This film contains an iconic score which includes: “Sunrise Sunset and “If I Were a Rich Man”, sung to perfection by Academy Award nominee, Topol, as Tevye.

This a great film to prompt discussion of:

  • How is a relationship tested when families disagree with the choices one makes?
  • What lifestyle changes or sacrifices, are made when one partner’s life choices separate him from his loved ones?
  • What traditions help to hold a family together, whether near or far apart?

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