Celebrate The Tune of Life!
Posted on: 12th September 2015 22:14:40

Tell your momma that you're leaving! Tell your daddy that we're gone!”


~~ The Wonders  

 (That Thing You Do 1996)



To the  “little village of Anatevka” where we meet Teyve, a simple man with a simple wish, to marry his three eldest daughters into better lives. He views himself as: “a fiddler on the roof, trying to scratch out a pleasant, simple tune without breaking his neck.” 



Welcome to the September 2015 Edition ~~ Fiddler on the Roof!


Tevye embraces the “tune” of life and finds celebration in the simplest things. Beginning with a Sabbath blessing for his daughters, and continuing with his dreams of a “big fine house with rooms by the dozen” for he and his wife, in “If I Were a Rich Man”.


Riches may be a pipe dream for Teyve and his wife Golde, however, with the help of the matchmaker, that dream can become a reality for oldest daughter Tzietel, if she marries Lazer Wolfe (as per her father’s wishes.) As Teyve and Lazer celebrate, and sing about it (“To Life”), we may find this month’s thought provoking question:


How can this film be an engaging activity for my clients, students and family members, has answered it self.


This film is engaging from the start. As soon as the DVD goes in the player, there is an opportunity for your clients, students and family members to engage.


 The songs should be familiar to all generations (Fiddler is on of the most popular movie musicals to be staged in high school productions.) This can be the catalyst for some great inter- generational exchanges.


These exchanges can focus on cultural differences societal changes, or family dynamics.  Why do the daughters embrace change and assert their independence? Why do their parents resist it? What is the biggest culture shock? What is the one change Teyve cannot accept? (“If I bend that far I will break!”)  How does the family deal with the consequences of the youngest daughter’s decision to marry outside the faith? 


These questions and many others contained in the Guide can keep those intergenerational exchanges going all month long!


If you enjoy these exchanges make Fiddler a family and or classroom Tradition!






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See You There!



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