About Movies and Music ~ The New Edition ~

I needed an idea~ A group therapy idea~ a way in to the minds and communication abilities of my patients/residents with dementing diseases and neurological disorders.

I needed to find the fun in a job that was becoming increasingly stressful after 22 years of practice. I wanted to work in a group with my friend Angie, the activity director.

From these needs/wants came Movies and Music ~ a weekly reminiscence group we ran in a skilled nursing facility in Florida. I recall we ran it together. In my absence, I asked Angie if she ran the group alone. Her reply: “No, I could never do what you do. I don’t know as much about movies as you do!” Thus the seed was planted. The seed, that for the last  seven years has grown into a guidebook, a website, a facebook page, 


A CEU Course, (http://dynamicgrp.cm-hosting.com/catalog.php?item=166) 

A newsletter, (http://multibriefs.com/optin.php?cb-lky) and a mission to bring
Movies and Music to clinicians, educators, families and anyone wishing to find the fun that turns a sedentary activity into an interactive event!

From the moment the guide arrives at your door you can begin! Pick your month, pick your movie and enjoy! Not once but again and again! The films contained in the guidebook are timeless. They never go out of style! If it’s
October and Singin’ in the Rain piques your interest go ahead and play it. The Guidebook is just that ~ a guide to assist you in maximizing communication interaction through thought provoking questions. Use them and the films when and  how you like.

Welcome to the Fun!