The Party Starts Here!
Posted on: 6th January 2015 19:17:58


Welcome Back to Movies and Music!  The 2015 Edition!



"Tell your momma that you're leaving! Tell your daddy that we're gone! Tell everyone in Philadelphia there's a party going on!”

~~ The Wonders  

 (That Thing You Do 1996)





As the   Movie Musical makes a comeback in the Modern Era from That Thing You Do (1996), Hairspray (2007), to Oscar® winning Les Miserables  (2012) and Golden Globe ® nominated Into the Woods (2014), there is definitely a party going  on! 


For fans of the Guidebook to the Classic Movie Musical the party starts with a pop of the champagne cork in January and Swings into the New Year with Glenn Miller and his Orchestra in Orchestra Wives (1942) and   doesn’t stop until we reach the snows of 1954’s White Christmas with Bing Crosby Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney!



Each film in the Guidebook centers on a holiday ~ great reasons to celebrate and throw a party!


Whether you’re a clinician/activity professional in a rehab setting /LTC, a classroom teacher, or a family member looking for a way to reminisce with Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa, pick your movie, pick your month, grab the DVD, pop it into the Player and go (to the party)!


A party scene can promote communication, language and engagement.


Don’t forget those thought provoking questions!  This year we include:


When? (Anytime!) and How?


“How do I utilize these films as a source of engagement?  Kick that sedentary event up a notch!  There’s a party goin’ on!  Classic Movie Musicals allow for communication, introspection, reminiscence, and inference for all stages and many different ages.


As the Guidebook begins in January, start with the Big Band Sound of Glenn Miller and Bugle Call Rag!  Progress to the wedding of Charlie and Jean   in March. (I’ll Go Home with bonnie Jean  ~ Brigadoon)


As spring and summer loom, April  - July offer outdoor parades along with the party!


Join Fred Astaire and Judy Garland in turn of the Century New York for Easter, Parade, Shirley Jones and Gordon Macrae for the Box Social in Oklahoma, Howard Keel and his Seven Brothers for a Barn Raising and Wedding to Seven Brides!


Shirley Jones and Robert Preston ~ The Music Man welcome Independence Day with a great party that not only includes a parade (76 Trombones) but a great dance ~ The Shipoopi!


Speaking of dancing ~ no party is complete without a dance from Gene Kelly!  Only Kelly can make you want to have a party in the August rain and sing about it! 


As summer turns to fall and fall to winter, the Guidebook spares no expense when it comes to parties. 


In September, Fiddler on the Roof allows us to visit Tevye and his family in Anatevka for the blessing of the Sabbath meal and the wedding of his eldest daughter. (Stay for the Bottle Dance ~ you won’t be disappointed)!


In October the party progresses to the Smith family household as Esther and Rose ask to Meet Me In St Louis for Alonzo’s going away party.  Please stay for the Worlds Fair!


As the Fair concludes, November offers a stay at Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. Bing hosts a party for every major holiday!  No shortage of opportunities to sing, dance in your seat and engage in lively conversation!


The parties end where the Guidebook ends with White Christmas. Bing, Danny and Rosemary round out the year with great singing, dancing and several parties. Beginning with   a little yuletide clambake for the men on the front line, progressing to a phony engagement party and ending with the biggest surprise party given to “the best guy we’ll ever know”.


The Party starts in January!


See you, your residents, students and family members  @ all year long!





Coming in February:


  “Tell everyone in Philadelphia there's a party going on!”


A Political Party ~ “in order to form a more perfect union” in   1776!


 Dee C.
   I really love the Guidebook. In order to widen the appeal of the movies and stimulate reminiscence in some of my younger clients, as well as address some speech goals, I recently added some of my own materials during a small group session focusing on \"Singin in the Rain.\" Using the questions in the guidebook as inspiration, I printed handouts with the cast list (with pictures), to help with naming, the lyrics to the two most popular songs (\"Singin in the Rain\" and \"Good Morin\'\") to maximize participation in the sing-a-longs, and the words to \"Moses Supposes\" as well as two other familiar tongue twisters to practice strategies for increased speech clarity. I also printed out pictures of movie/fan magazines through the years, famous screen pairs (past and present) and some familiar TV/movie icons. This allowed my younger patients to relate to the film as we talked about our screen crushes and famous people from our respective generations that caused fans to swoon and riot. By expanding the activity with a few simple additions, I was able to reach a wider audience, address multiple speech/language goals and have a great time with all my clients. Thanks again for this unique product. A great addition to my \"toolbox\".

 Lori K. Yauch, M.A., CCC-SLP
   Welcome to the Party Dee C.! Glad you found us! So great to hear about new ways to use the Guidebook! It really can be an essential tool to reach all your clients! Stay with us in 2015 as we Party with all stages and many different ages!


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