Party With Your Shipoopi!
Posted on: 1st July 2015 10:22:05

Tell your momma that we’re leavin’ …tell your daddy that we’re gone…”


~~ The Wonders  (That Thing You Do, 1996)



To the 4th of July Exercises in River City I-A-Way, when Marian the Librarian meets Harold Hill ~ The Music Man!


Welcome to the July 2015 Edition ~ Music Man!


Music Man fits well into our holiday party theme for the year.   It is a party in a box -- from   with  the sing–a-long songs (Ya Got Trouble, The Sadder But Wiser Girl for Me, 76 Trombones), to the fabulous dance sequence at the 4th of July exercises, and the sociable, where we learn of the girl who’s hard to get -- Shipoopi!



Party scenes like these can help to promote communication, language, and engagement and open the door to answering this month’s thought provoking question:



"How can this film be an engaging activity for my clients, students and family member?"



The simplest answer is always the best. Pop in the DVD; Grab your Guide and Go!  This film is engaging from the start. As soon as the DVD goes in the player, there is an opportunity for your clients, students and family members to engage  -- from the pantomime motion of the salesmen on the train in Rock Island to the gossiping “chicks” in Pick- a–little-talk-a-little, and finally the march of 76 Trombones the action never stops, nor should you!



Take the opportunity these scenes, and others like them, (Marian the Librarian, Piano Lesson, If You Don’t Mind My Saying’ So…); give you to   discuss character motivation, attitudes, first impressions, pivotal moments, socially acceptable behavior, and etiquette with your students.


These same scenes can provide a catalyst to open the memories of baby boomers and prompt discussions which may include:  seeing a stage production, whether on Broadway or a road show company, being a part of a stage production in high school, or even memories of other favorite films or TV shows featuring the film’s stars. (A discussion of   TV trivia featuring Shirley Jones in the Partridge Family or Ron Howard in Happy Days would be appropriate here).


In keeping with the tradition of the classic movie musical, don’t forget a healthy dose of reminiscence and sing-a-long with your older generation clientele.


After all, a good party starts with a good sing-a-long, continues with a little flirting, (“Didn’t I meet you in?”), and ends with a great dance  -- (The Shipoopi!)


So…gather your family, friends, clients, and students together this Independence Day and join Movies and Music for a party you won’t want to miss hosted by Harold Hill ~ The Music Man!





PS: Join us in Orlando for the Florida HealthCare Coordinators Convention (FHCACA) at the Rosen Plaza Hotel July 12-15 2015 for a few surprises as we Party @ the Booth!


See You There!




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