Party At The Inn!
Posted on: 1st November 2015 11:35:33

"Tell your momma that you're leaving! Tell your daddy that we're gone!”   


~~ The Wonders  

 (That Thing You Do, 1996)

To Holiday Inn as   Bing Crosby hosts a party for all major holidays with the help of Fred Astaire, Marjorie Reynolds, and Virginia Dale.


Welcome to the November 2015 Edition ~ Holiday Inn !



This film is the perfect companion to many of the films in the guidebook and, like all the other films, it can help to kick that sedentary movie watching activity up a notch and turn it into a multi-media party.


A party that starts with New Year’s Eve, (“Let's start the new year right!  Twelve o'clock tonight, when they dim the light, let's begin!), segue’s to Easter, (“In your Easter Bonnet with all the frills upon it..”), travels through Independence Day, (“I'm singing a song of freedom”),  brings us   to  Thanksgiving,   (“I haven’t got a great big yacht to sail from shore to shore,  but I’ve got plenty to be thankful for” ), and ends with a great  love scene (”I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”).  


Don’t let the sing–a-long carry you to far! The Guide provides a great opportunity to open the conversation with thought provoking questions for all stages and many different ages.


Questions that include, but are not limited to:  How can this be an engaging activity for all those whom I serve and love?


This question can often lead you in different directions.


With the older generation you may wish to travel the road to reminiscence and sing–a-long with the classic Irving Berlin score.


With the student population you may wish to approach this film as a character study, discussing what motivates these characters to act as they do? Love? Jealousy?  Ego?     How is each character changed throughout the film?  Is there a pivotal character moving the story forward?


If you are a family member and choose the intergenerational approach, this film is an opportunity to find common ground with your children, parents, and grandparents. When discussing favorite holiday memories, and the feelings they evoke, be sure to include a healthy discussion of favored holiday activities (shopping, baking, gift wrapping, sporting events, gift giving; “What was your favorite?”) and of course caroling; (“What is your favorite holiday song?”  The answer will vary widely among the generations; Beginning with White Christmas and perhaps including Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer). 


Whatever the feelings, or memories, cherish them, revel in them, keep the lines of communication open and enjoy a Thanksgiving of introspection, and reminiscence that will leave you with   “Plenty to be Thankful For”


 Have Safe and Happy Holiday!



Be sure to join on in December, as Bing Crosby moves the party to Pine Tree Vermont for a White Christmas with Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen!






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