Christmas Party!
Posted on: 6th December 2015 13:36:54

"Tell your momma that you're leaving! Tell your daddy that we're gone!”

~~ The Wonders (That Thing You Do, 1996)



To Pine Tree Vermont, where song and dance partners Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye meet singing sisters Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen as they flirt, fight, sing, and dance their way to a White Christmas.



Welcome to the December 2015 Edition ~ White Christmas



Bing, Danny and Rosemary round out the year with great singing, dancing and several parties. Beginning with a little yuletide clambake for the men on the front line, progressing to a phony engagement party and ending with the biggest surprise party given to “the best guy we’ll ever know.”



Remember, a party scene can help to promote communication, language and engagement for the older generation and provide opportunities for introspection, and inference for the younger generation.


This film with three party scenes and iconic tunes (The Old Man, The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing, and Gee I Wish I Was Back in the Army, are great catalysts for intergenerational discussions regarding military service, and the “art” of dating. (What was it like for the older generation? How has technology and social media changed dating and flirting for the younger generation?)



These party scenes and others, (Sisters, Wallace and Davis); introduce the sidekick, the best friend (and in this case, sister), the character who helps to move the story forward. Great discussion topics regarding friendship can emerge here:



How do you choose your friends? What makes a good friend? Can your sister be your best friend? How does manipulation change a friendship? Is there such a thing as “good-natured” manipulation? What do you do when you no longer want to be friends?



As seen during engagement party, what happens when your friends/siblings meddle in your affairs? What happens when you practice deceit and choose to withhold your true feelings?



What is the best way to, as Bing says to Rosemary, “get things back to the way they were yesterday?”  These topics and many others can keep the lines of intergenerational communication going all month long.



As your discussions lead you through reminiscence, character motivation, and friendship, don’t forget to take time to sing–a-long with the iconic Irving Berlin score, which includes Count Your Blessings (perfect for an end of the year inventory), and of course, White Christmas


Merry Christmas!


Enjoy a Safe and Happy Holiday!


Thank you for joining me this year, for the party that is Movies and Music! I have enjoyed being your host.



I hope you found these blogs entertaining and informative. Please share your thoughts. I love hearing from friends and fans!



I look forward to 2016. When the New Edition: Movies and Music: A Guide to Turning the Classic Movie Musical Into An Interactive Event, launches a new year of surprises for all stages and many different ages!



~ ~~Lori


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