Romance In The Rain ~ A Second Chance
Posted on: 9th August 2016 15:50:02

Im ready to take a chance again ready to put my love on the line…with you.” (Barry Manilow, 1978)

It’s raining here in Florida today.


In fact, it rains almost everyday in August.


I must say I love the rainy days! It’s the perfect opportunity to gather around the DVD player with the guidebook, and a great film that explores the classic movie musical theme of love found, love lost, and in the end, a second chance at love – perfect for our theme ~ Second Chances.

Welcome to the August 2015 Edition ~~ Singin’ In The Rain!


Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds are the perfect pair to showcase the “rocky road to romance” experienced by many couples.


From the first meeting, wherein the girl is surprised and perhaps, frightened by the boy’s interest (“I have seen you before~ you’re a dangerous criminal!”), to finding just the right way to tell her how he feels (“You Were Meant For Me”.)


As the relationship grows, boy and girl relish in new love, (“From where I stand the sun is shining all over the place…The sun’s in my heart and I’m ready for love.”), watch as outside forces, such as the woman scorned, (“I want that girl off the lot! She ain’t gonna be my voice!”), and the Head of the Studio work to separate them, (“she’s got a five year contract, she’ll do what I say!”), we as an audience wonder:


“Will they find their way back to each other?”  While pondering this question, it may be a good time to answer another question, specifically, this month’s thought provoking question: What is it about the movie musical, that makes us happy when we’re sad, make us want to sing, reminisce, explore social behavior, and find that second chances are always welcome?


We gravitate to these films, and this film in particular, because a man like Gene Kelly, and a character like Don Lockwood, is charismatic, handsome, and knows how to treat a lady. Who wouldn’t want to be romanced by him?


A girl like Kathy, who is pretty, ambitious, but can stand up for herself, (“part of that decision is mine, Miss Lamont, and I just won’t do it!”), is a character worth emulating.


We want to be given the opportunity to reminisce with the older generation.   We want to find out about the kind of people they were as they grew up to be  the loving, and warm parent, or grandparent, we know them to be.


We want to give the younger generation role models.


We want to provide them with valuable lessons in social communication between the sexes, and open the lines of intergenerational communication, which can provide insight into family heritages.


Most of all, in the end as a second chance at love is realized, (“You Are My Lucky Star”), we want to remember, reminisce, and sing a song that fills us with joy and gives us a second chance to connect with each other.




Join us in September as Tevye searches for a Second Chance to connect with his daughters in Fiddler on The Roof.





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