A Second Chance At Holiday Love
Posted on: 2nd December 2016 19:18:16

"You remind me I live in a shell, Safe from the past and doing okay but not very well...

My life goes a long as it should it's all very nice, but not very good"

(Barry Manilow, 1978)

This is the story of Bob  Wallace. A man who, according to his friend, Phil Davis, is a lonely miserable man! Oh  you're happy? You've got everything you want? Except the most important thing -- a girl!


Welcome to the December 2016 Edition ~~ White Christmas


As we conclude our series of blogs on second chances, it is approriate we focus on a film which thrives on them.  Beginning with the film's opening, when Bob gets a second chance at life, (having been pulled from the path a falling structure by Phil), to a second chance meeting  with the Haynes Sisters, on a Christmas train to Vermont, and finally, Bob taking the plunge back into the “icy” waters of a relationshipw with Betty, while trying to “get things back to where they were yesterday.”


Second chances at life and love, are great topics for all your clientele, from the sage advice  the older generation can provide about  "getting things back to the way they were yesterday"  before you talk about "getting out", to the insights  the younger generation may be able to provide regarding the approriateness of Betty's behavior when Bob attempts to reconcile, or her reaction to her sister  Judy's engagement to Phil.


Speaking of sage advice, don't forget to include  Bob's advice to "count your blessings (instead of sheep)."


This advice also helps answer this month's thought provoking question:


What is it about the movie musical that makes us happy when we’re sad, make us want to sing, reminisce, explore social behavior, and find that second chances are always welcome?


We want to sing holiday songs, we want to see the boy get the girl, learn from his mistakes,  relish his second chance with a loving partner, and count his blessings!

Hoping your holiday is filled with joy and more blessings than you can count!







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