Hello Brigadoon!
Posted on: 8th March 2017 00:36:49

~~“Hello again, hello! It’s good to love you like I do, and to feel this way, when I hear you say, hello.” (Neil Diamond, 1980)

“Hello”, a simple word that begins many a wonderful interaction.

In the case of Movies and Music, it begins a wonderful interactive event.

Welcome to the March 2017 Edition ~~ Brigadoon.

For Tommie Albright and Fiona Campbell, it is the sister phrase, “good day”, together with the touch of a hand, that sparks a love relationship that transcends fantasy, and shakes a belief system. (“I found the things  you believe in become more real to you than all the things you can explain away or understand”.)


A discussion of belief systems, and the power of love, can be wonderful ways to connect with your clients of all ages.  

This film has no shortage of opportunities to discuss love. Beginning with the wedding of Charlie Dalrymple to Jean Campbell, progressing to the aggressive and unwanted advances of a young lass, to Tommie’s best friend Jeff, and ending with the love at first sight of Tommie and Fiona.    
The relationship of Tommie and Fiona also allows us to focus on this month’s thought provoking questions:



What lesson does this film have to teach about the strength, and resilience of these characters as they face periods of uncertainty?


For Tommie, his love and desire for Fiona, outweigh what his friend believes is reasonable behavior. “I don’t know what goes on around here but it’s got nothing to do with me or you! …You want to give up your family, your friends, your whole life for this!” 

Tommie’s reply demonstrates his conviction to his feelings: “I believe in her… I believe in this place and I can’t leave!”



How are some of these mirrored in our own lives?

 Have you ever had to defend your convictions when others questioned you?


What is it about the story, the characters, their friendships and love relationships, that makes us want to visit them over and over again?

You decide as you, your clients, students, and family members take a walk through the Heather on the Hill and say “Hello” to Brigadoon



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