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~~ "Hello again, hello. I just called to say, hello and to feel this way, when I hear you say, hello" (Neil Diamond, 1980).


"Hi Aunt Eller! Just come a singin' to ya!"(Curly)


"A Persian Goodbye?  How about an Oklahoma Hello!" (Will Parker)


All relationships begin with a greeting ~~ sweet words, that cause cheeks to blush, imaginations to wonder, and hearts to flutter.


Welcome to the May, 2017 Edition ~ OKLAHOMA!


Hearts that flutter, men who talk "purty", women who "cain't say no," and others, who can't get out of their own way, to say, "yes",  come together with a great sing-a-long Rodgers and Hammerstein soundtrack, to make this film a must see, as we explore thought provoking questions, on a "Beautiful Morning". 


  • What lesson does this film teach us about the resilience of these characters, as they face change?


For Laurey and Curly the change comes following a confrontation between Laurey and Judd, the hired hand.

(Judd: I ain't good enough for you? Miss high and mighty!   You ain't getting rid of me ever!"

Laurey: "You makin' threats to me? If I don't allow you to slobber over me like a hog, you gonna do something about it?" ) 


Here we see, a woman stand up to what she fears with great strength. She also shows an equal amount of vulnerability, when she lays her fears at Curley's feet. Her vulnerability, leads to his demonstration of affection, and together, they contemplate the biggest change in each of their lives ~ building a life together. "Things is changing Laurey! They're gonna make a state out this! Now I got you to help me I'll amount to something yet!" 


What a great way to discuss courtship/marriage  with your older generation clientele and family members. Open the family album to discussions of joy, struggle, and great love through the generations. 


  • What is it about the story, the friendships, and love relationships, that  make us want to see these films again and again? 


The story is simple and the characters are straight-forward.


We can identify the good guy, (Curly), as he fights for his girl, in the guise of bidding for a picnic basket, the bad guy,  the mean, dirty, hired hand, (poor Judd), and the sidekicks, (Annie and Will), who provide the levity. ("I'm in a terrible fix. I always say come on lets go, just when I oughtta say nix!") 


We root for the coming together of the couple. ("Don't throw bouquets at me, don't please my folks too much,  don't praise my charm too much."), and welcome the opportunity to sing-a-long as they celebrate the prospect of new love. ("People Will Say We're In Love").  Relish in, and encourage,  the comments of all your clients, as they discuss their favorite parts  of this, and perhaps, other musical films, in the Guide.


Speaking of other musical films, as you discuss the genre's relevance with your younger generation clientele, and inter-generational family members, consider  LA LA Land.


Compare and contrast the overall theme of boy meets, girl,  boy gets girl, boy loses girl  and in the end.., in both films.


What  technique, does the new film take, from the classic era?  Is one film better than the other? Why? Why not? What is memorable about both films?   What is it about the movie musical genre, that makes many films in the category, memorable?


You decide, as you, your clients, students, and intergenerarational family members, join Movies and Music for an OKLAHOMA Hello!




To all our friends and fans  attending FLASHA in Orlando  May 25-28, 2017, look for our ad in the  program,and on-line throughout the Convention.





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