Hello, Madam Librarian
Posted on: 27th June 2017 20:26:52

“Hello I don’t even know your name, but I’m hoping all the same, this is more than just a simple hello.” (Johnny Mathis and Jane Oliver, 1978).  “Hello... Tell me how to win your heart, for I haven't got a clue...” (Lionel Ritchie, 1984)


This month that simple greeting that causes cheeks to blush, imaginations to wander, and hearts to flutter, is lost on our heroine. Therefore, our hero, The Music Man, the slick con-man, the man with a line for every situation, (from “didn’t I meet you in?”  or “I’ll only be in town a short while,” to “Madam, it’s amazing – two members of the same family, with absolutely perfect pitch!”), will have to work harder than he ever imagined to win the heart of the “Madam Librarian.”


Welcome to the July 2017 Edition ~ Hello Madam Librarian.



As the film opens, Professor Harold Hill ingratiates himself into the hearts and imaginations of the townspeople with talk of a River City Boys Band, and a new musical concept --“the think system”, take time with all your clientele to think about ways to answer this month’s thought provoking questions:



How is this film relevant today?



What is it about the story, the characters, their friendships and love relationships, that makes us want to visit them over and over again?



When considering relevancy of this or any other classic movie musical, remember, relevancy lies in the lessons it has to teach. Beginning with  character studies of strong empowered women, and progressing to the rules of etiquette that govern social behavior, from “that first hello,” to winning her heart.



Marian embodies the empowered woman:  Strong, liberated, independent She does not need a man (much to her mother’s surprise and disappointment), to measure her self-worth or to support her.  She knows what her life is and is content to provide piano lessons to the town’s children and “counsel and advice to the ladies of River City”. Enter the stranger, who according to Mrs. Paroo may be Marian’s “very last chance.”



The stranger, who initially sees Marian as a conquest, a means to an end, is also a great character study as he changes from the con-man to the man who is ready for love.



Take time with all your clients to consider:  



What drives Miss Marian‘s need for independence/acceptance?

What motivates the attitudes of the Professor and Miss Marian?

How do their attitudes toward each other change as the story progresses?


What outside forces are working to bring Marian and Harold together?  Why?


What social rules are at work that help or hinder the progression of their relationship?

Are they well-suited?


In the end, what does it take to “win her heart?”



With every answer you may find new questions.  Questions which should include:


What is it about the story, the characters, their friendships and love relationships, that makes us want to visit them over and over again?


As you, your clients, students, and family members learn more about what makes these characters “tick” you will find something new to enjoy each time you visit.



This month, as you seek to win hearts or build relationships, the classic way is the simple way.


Enjoy a plate of cream with your someone, walk to the footbridge,  discover on  a warm  day, or cool evening in July, there is most certainly “love all around.”


Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day!




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