Welcome To The New Edition
Posted on: 8th October 2015 03:26:31

The latest and greatest begins with a New Title: Movies and Music:  A Guide to Turning the Classic Movie Musical into an Interactive Event!

The New, Improved, Expanded Edition of the Guidebook is brighter, bolder, and full of great information for educators, clinicians, family members, or anyone wishing to open the lines of communication in a group or individual conversation. 

Come in!  Look around!

You’ll find:

  • A website dedicated to utilizing 12 of the greatest holiday themed movie musicals ever made as a catalyst for communication, interaction and introspection. It’s fun for all stages and many different ages.
  • Fabulous new illustrations 
  • Expanded references and evidence-based practice
  • An expanded Sneak Peek into the Guidebook.
  • New themed blogs dedicated to all the movies. This year we highlight the celebratory aspects of all the films and center our blogs on the Party Starts Here!
  • Comments from friends and fans of the Guidebook who find it to be “…one of the simplest and most entertaining activities I have ever done. I highly recommend it to clinicians working with adults/geriatrics, regardless of the setting. You will not be disappointed”. Lisa C, M.S., CCC-SLP, New Bedford, MA

As you look at the New Edition and discover that it remains great fun with a lot more information, remember, just because you’re having fun it doesn’t mean you’re not reaching a goal of expanding: communication, cognition, and insight or finding your way into the minds and hearts of those you serve and love!

Welcome to the fun!  Let me know how you like the New Edition!



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