Hello Young Love
Posted on: 1st October 2017 14:22:07

“Hello young lovers whoever you are.  I hope your troubles are few.”

(Rodgers and Hammerstein,1951)


Welcome to the October 2017 Edition~~ “Hello, Young Love”



As we open the Guidebook this month we find sisters, Esther and Rose Smith, and their suitors, John Truett and Warren Sheffield, are finding the blush of first love in turn of the century St. Louis.



Coming of age, growing from teenager into adult, carries with it   many challenges. Challenges that begin with making friends, and discovering first love, to maintaining friendships and making the love relationship last.  Feelings to which all generations can relate.



Whether it’s the turn of the 20th century or turn of the 21st century, all love relationships have similar elements. This film remains relevant to many because it allows for discussions of:



The first meeting:  Why is it difficult for Esther to talk to John Truitt if they have not been properly introduced?   How is the introduction arranged?  When does John begin to see Esther as someone more than a neighbor?


Compare and contrast this behavior to dating and social behavior in today’s society.



Courtship:  What are the rules of courtship in the 1900’s?  Why does Esther’s admission that she will allow “John Truitt to kiss me tonight” scandalize Rose?



What is the woman’s role?   How, when, and what does she use to get her man?



How and where do young people meet?  Where do they entertain? Why?  How does this contrast with today’s social interaction (texting and social media)?


Marriage: When Rose receives a call from New York, why is it such an event? 


What does Esther mean when she says: “Although we love Rose, the brutal fact is she isn’t getting any younger.”


How young is too young to get married?      How old is too old?


Discuss how society’s perception of meeting, dating, and marriage has changed since the time of this film.  Discuss society in the 1900’s in general.  What place does the Smith family hold?  Are they aware of their status?  Are they social climbers?


When John is unable to take Esther to the Christmas Dance, who is suggested as a replacement?  Why is Esther upset at the suggestion of her brother escorting her to the dance?   Who takes his place?



Discuss the role family plays in preparing the Smith sisters for their roles in society.  Which parent is the most influential?  Why?  What role does the elder generation play?



Does family play the same role in today’s society?  Why?  Why not?


Speaking of family, as you enter intergenerational discussions with your older generation clientele and family members, spend time discussing the sisterly bonds. They love and support each other in good times and in times of struggle.  Take this opportunity to discuss sibling relationships in your family.


As with all the films in the Guide, relationships are key. However, this film takes the typical boy meets girl scenario and flips it. In this piece, girl meets boy and sings about it in “The Boy Next Door”, thus, providing the perfect opportunity to discuss: The first crush, courtship, and the first meeting.  Who was the aggressor?   Where did you go on dates?  Did you have house parties?



A discussion of dating segues into marriage:  The proposal, building a life together.  Did you move away from your family when you got married?  What was it like?


Great insights into the roots and bonds of your family can emerge here!  Great insights into holiday traditions from trick or treating to gift giving can come to light. The Guidebook may help you form a new tradition.


Welcome to the Holiday Season Guidebook Style.  Grab your Guide and stay with us through Thanksgiving at Holiday Inn and a White Christmas at Columbia Inn!





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