Holiday Schemes ~ All For Love
Posted on: 26th October 2017 22:05:08

“Hello darkness my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again.  Fools said I you do not know silence like a cancer grows…” (Simon and Garfunkel, 1964)


As we open the Guidebook this November we look in on Jim Hardy, Ted Hanover and Linda Mason and the love triangle that is built on their silences and schemes.


Welcome to The November 2017 Edition ~ Holiday Inn.



Holiday Inn is a great example of the classic movie musical formula, of the boy, the girl, and the sidekick who comes between them.



It begins with the classic love triangle of two men at either corner and the woman they both love, or in this case fight over, at the tip.  This formula works so well that it doesn’t just occur once, (Jim, Ted, Lila), but twice, (Jim, Ted, Linda). 




In each case the relationships are initially built on what is perceived to be true love (Jim for Lila and Jim for Linda).



However, when “best friend” (and movie sidekick), Ted enters each true relationship is transformed to a triangle.   


As each character (Ted, Jim, Lila and Linda), pursues his/her own interests, now may be a good time ask this month’s thought provoking question:


How is this film relevant today?



When considering relevancy of this or any other classic movie musical, remember, relevancy lies in the lessons it has to teach. 



As you, your clients, students and family members take a fresh look at this film, spend time discussing all the characters relationships.


In the beginning does Lila really Love Jim?  Why is she so quick to leave him and “run off” with Ted to “make people happy with our feet.”  What motivates her to leave Ted?



As the story continues, Ted seeks solace and friendship from his “old pal Jim”, and wishes to help him in his work. Why is Jim suspicious?


In midst their schemes, there are also periods of long silence where true feelings are not expressed and mis-communication breeds among  all the characters. (Jim tries to keep Linda on the farm while Ted spirits her away, Linda leaves Lila stranded in a lake).



Discuss what happens when deception is practiced, or perceived. 


With regard to friendship, what makes a good friend?


Where does friendship end a rivalry begin?



When faced with the prospect of sacrificing a love relationship for a friendship, or a friendship for a love relationship, how can you decide?



As the story reaches its conclusion, what happens to the best friend (sidekick) relationship?


How are the love relationships repaired?


As you your clients, students and family members consider, all these modern day thought provoking questions, consider they all came from a 75 year old film. and remember that classic films never go out of style!


Have safe and Happy Thanksgiving!




Join us next month as we check out of Holiday Inn and into Columbia Inn in Pinetree Vermont and say hello to a White Christmas!


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