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Posted on: 30th November 2017 20:29:34

“Hello, I don't even know your name, but I'm hopin' all the same, this is more than just a simple hello.” (Johnny Mathis and Jane Oliver, 1978).


As we come to the end of a year-long series of blogs centered around relationships, (from their beginnings ~ a greeting, or touch of a hand, that sets hearts to flutter, and love to bloom, to their schemes, manipulations, and long silences that hide true feelings, it is appropriate that we end the year with an iconic film that encompasses all three elements.



Welcome to the December 2017 Edition ~ White Christmas



White Christmas, like it’s companion Holiday Inn, is a great example of the classic movie musical formula, of the boy, the girl, and the sidekick. 


However, in this piece the sidekick is a true friend, who not only saves his best friend’s life, but feels through a true sense of responsibility, that he has the right to run it. Thus, leading to a series of good natured manipulations in an effort to help his friend find what he has been missing ~ a girl.



Enter the sisters, who form instant impressions of these gentleman. One (Vera-Ellen), is carried away by Danny Kaye and finds the best things happen while your dancing.


The other (Rosemary Clooney), is not so easily charmed by Bing Crosby~ although her body language in the Novello scene would tell a different story.


Couples established, now may be a good time ask this month’s thought provoking question:


How is this film relevant today?



When considering relevancy of this or any other classic movie musical, remember, relevancy lies in the lessons it has to teach.



As you, your clients, students, and family members take a fresh look at this film, spend time discussing all the characters relationships.


What is it about Vera-Ellen and Danny that make them suited for each other?



If Bing and Rosemary have an unspoken attraction in the beginning of the film, why don’t they act on it?



What happens when your friends/siblings meddle in your affairs?


 What happens when you practice deceit?



What can happen when rumor and innuendo enter into a relationship?  (“They’re going to put the General on TV! That will make him a pathetic figure from coast to coast!”)



Was Rosemary right to keep silent about her feelings regarding this issue and others, (her sister’s engagement, her feelings for Bing?)


When “silence, like a cancer grows”, what can be done to repair the relationship?


How do Bing and Rosemary repair their relationship?


What happens to the friend/sister relationship?


As you wrestle with these relationship questions, attend to the great Irving Berlin score which can help you answer many of them, (The Best Things Happen While Your Dancing, Blue Skies, and of course, Count Your Blessings).


When this year of blogs opened we said “Hello (again).”



As we close, “we let the old year die with a fond goodbye and our hopes as high as a kite” (Irving Berlin, 1942), for a new year with new challenges and adventures.


Have a Safe and Happy Holiday.



Thank you for joining me this year!


 I hope you found these blogs entertaining and informative.

Please share your thoughts. I love hearing from friends and fans!


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