Let The Memories Live Again!
Posted on: 4th January 2018 23:08:37

“Memory … I can smile at the old days,I was beautiful then. I remember, the time I knew what happiness was, let the memory live again.” (Cats, 1981, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Composer)



Welcome Back to Movies and Music ~~ The 2018 Edition ~Let the Memories Live Again!



This year as moviesandmusic.biz welcomes a sister site, meaningfulmemorymaker.com, it seems appropriate to focus our discussions and thought-provoking questions on reminiscence.



Why reminisce?  



Because reminiscence has a power to promote communication, engagement, introspection, and inference in all ages and many different stages.



Reminiscence has no age or generation limitation.  It is through our life stories that the generations connect. Everyone has meaningful memories and stories to share.  




At meaningfulmemorymaker.com, we want to help you tell your story to those who matter most ~ your family and caregivers.  We want to help you recall and cherish the memories and accomplishments that make you unique. We want you to engage in interactions that help those memories live again.



Memories live in pictures. Pictures, especially moving pictures and music can bring forward events and people in your life worth remembering and sharing.  




When you open the guidebook pick your month, pick your movie, and get ready for great ways to connect with, clients, intergenerational family members or students.


For the older generation clientele or intergenerational family members, sing a song, marvel at the grace of Gene Kelly (Brigadoon, Singin’ In the Rain) and Fred Astaire, (Holiday Inn, Easter Parade) or the voices of Judy Garland (Easter Parade, Meet Me in St. Louis), Shirley Jones (Oklahoma, The Music Man), Bing Crosby (White Christmas, Holiday Inn), and the Matinee Idol good looks of George Montgomery (Orchestra Wives), and Howard Keel (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers). 



For students the classic movie musical contains universal themes of love and loss, honesty and friendship, redemption and family, (1776, Fiddler on the Roof). Great topics for any classroom discussion.




As you welcome Movies and Music and Meaningful Memory Maker into your homes, clinics, rehab centers, and classrooms, remember reminiscence through multi-media has the power to connect us and provide us with richer more meaningful interactions at any age and any stage.


Welcome to a new year of sharing meaningful memories with everyone!



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