Presidents Day
Posted on: 5th February 2011 16:43:56

Welcome to the February Installment  -- 1776!


1776 was chosen for inclusion in the workbook accidently.

When Angie, my friend the Activity Director, asked me if I had any movies focusing on President’s Day, my knee jerk response was “No”. (Who really celebrates President’s Day anyway?).

However, upon further consideration, I said, “I do have a film with a lot of future Presidents in it – 1776”. She was intrigued, so we gave it a try.

What we found was it’s great fun!  During field testing prior to publication, a field tester told me, “Absolutely loved it! I learned a lot! … The patients loved it too”.  

 The film focuses on the convening of the 2ndContinental Congress during the colonies fight to unite to the common goal of Independence. This film speaks to the agony, anger, and ultimate satisfaction of forming the “perfect union”.


It also showcases some great historical figures, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin. As the group leader, you may wish to ask if the group has a favorite historical political figure. That question could open the door to a lot of interaction.

Although its roots are historical in nature, the questions provided in your workbook continue to focus on reminiscence for your group.

 During the scenes in which John Adams and his wife Abigail converse, as the group leader, focus on what they say to each other and the hardships they face with separation. Question the group about their separations. 

As the “Slavery” scene is concluded, spend some time there. Relate that to the oppression of another people—in WWII. What do the group members remember about that time in history?

 This is a great film that provides a little history, a little reminiscing and a lot of fun along the way! 


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