Bring on the Rain !
Posted on: 1st August 2012 15:04:19

Welcome to Singin’ in the Rain!  -- August, 2012 Edition


What a great year it is to be a fan of this film as it marks its 60th Anniversary. 


In tribute, I attended a special theatre screening hosted by Turner Classic Movies.  The film has been re-mastered. The color and sound were superb!  Kelly, Reynolds and O’Connor on the Big Screen – fabulous!   


I hope some of you saw it. If so, share your thoughts with me!


Those of you who are clinicians in the schools, I hope you will consider this as a group activity for your students. My ten-year old nephew saw this film for the first time in the theatre and loved it.  (“That Donald O’Connor is a great dancer”! – He’s not wrong -- anyone who can keep pace with Kelly deserves the accolades).  


This is a great film for students. Use it (as with many of the other films), to discuss relationships between men and women, social etiquette, deception and what happens when we deliberately set out to deceive people. (When Lina discovers Kathy has been singing and talking for her and Lina then tries to ruin Kathy’s career). Great lessons can be learned here! 


Those of you who work with an older generation clientele, this film is a great catalyst for reminiscence in every way -- from going to the corner movie theatre with friends for a nickel or was it a quarter?  Having a crush on a movie star and collecting “fan magazines” (from Modern Screen to Tiger Beat), to flirting, dating, quarreling and making up!    I’m sure every lady has a story about a movie star crush and every gentleman has a story about how he dealt with playing “second “ to that “ideal”.


Whatever the stories, revel in them, ask questions, make comments, encourage your group members to “tell me more”. Keep communication going! The longer your clients can communicate their thoughts and ideas the more autonomy they will have and the happier they will be! 


If you have clients who are losing communication ability remember singing is an automatic activity and they may well be able and want to participate. Who doesn’t know the words to Singin’ in the Rain?


Remember happy clients are engaged clients. Engaged clients make happy clinicians, caregiver and families!


Take advantage of the “rainy” season this August. Take your clients/students/family member “Dancing and Singin’ in the Rain.” 




See you in September when Movies and Music travels to the village of Anatevka to explore family life in Fiddler on the Roof!











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