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 Welcome back to Movies and Music!


As we travel the Road of Reminiscence together I would like to explore these films not only as they relate to an older generation clientele in a group setting but also how they may be used with other populations such as students and families.


I am aware the workbook’s subtitle carries with it the phrase Group Activity.  (The product idea came to me during a time when Medicare and other insurances were advocating groups – who knew within a year of publication reimbursement standards would change? Where is a crystal ball when you need it?). Don’t let the subtitle turn you off from a great activity. (Remember some great classic films have subtitles.  Think Gold Rush!)


Think of Movies and Music as your way in:


1.    Whether you work in groups or individual sessions, with   older adults it allows for great reminiscence of stories to share.


2.    If you work with the student population, these films carry great lessons of etiquette, social behavior, and appropriate conversation between men and women.


3.    If you are a family member and looking for a way to talk to Grandma – start with the Big band sound of Glenn Miller and Move straight through White Christmas and I guarantee some great stories of her life and your life with her will come out!


As the Guidebook begins in January with the Big Band Sound of Glenn Miller take the opportunity to discuss the music, the social history of the time, (depression, WWII etc).


February and 1776 brings a great history lesson. My ten year old nephew, is a particular fan of this film  -- John Adams is his favorite president. (Think students here).


March - July  brings  Brigadoon, Easter Parade,Oklahoma, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and  Music Man  with great insights into social behavior, etiquette, dating, flirting which can help students understand proper relationships and open  grandma’s  memory and encourages her to share.


Speaking of sharing, August – through October brings Singin’ in the Rain, Fiddler on the Roof and Meet Me in St Louis   which allows for great sing a-longs (think automatic speech here). Who doesn’t know the words to Singin’ in the Rain or Matchmaker?  They also provide a great opportunity to talk about family relationships. Fiddler and Meet Me in St. Louis are great companions for these discussions.


Holiday Inn  and White Christmas round out the guidebook and the year and can provide the catalyst for some great holiday memories.


As a clinician whether you be in LTC, schools or a part of a family looking to continue the conversation with an older family member consider this:


All the films contained in the guide, are not only great pieces of film history to which everyone should be exposed but great pieces of   our history which weave into the fabric of our lives and fill us with great memories to share.    If you are looking for common ground with your students, looking for a “way in” with your older clientele or just looking for a way to talk to Grandma, look no further than Movies and Music: A Clinician’s Guide to the Classic Movie Musical



Thanks for looking in!


Please feel free to share your thoughts with me!


I look forward to a great year of articles and discussion!


See you in February for the musical history lesson found in 1776!








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