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Posted on: 27th May 2013 21:10:49


 Welcome to the May 2013 Edition!

This month the Road to Reminiscence takes a detour with reflections on our stop in Las Vegas for the 2013 NAAP Convention April 24-26th 2013


We stayed in the newly renovated, lively, bright  Tropicana Resort and Spa.   It had a strikingly different atmosphere from any other hotel visited on the strip.


Views from Booth 33 in the Exhibit Hall were great! Met some interesting people and promoted a great product. Movies and Music: A Clinician’s Guide to the Classic Movie Musical and Group Activity, is tailor made for our friends in the activity profession.


During one conversation, a young lady indicated while showing movies had been an activity on her calendar in the past, she had been discouraged from showing movies to her residents and had been encouraging others to stop the practice “ because it is not an engaging activity”. “Not an engaging activity?” said I, “with Movies and Music you can turn that sedentary activity into an interactive event!”


The professional guidebook walks you through how to utilize 12 classic movie musicals to promote communication in your clients.


Turn watching a movie into a great interactive event that will have your clients engaged, laughing, talking reminiscing and dancing in their seats.  Foster increased communication, use of language, pragmatic skills conversation and long-term memory.


Other conversations centered on praise for the innovation, “What a great idea”; “It must have been a lot of work!”  "I love the trivia interwoven with the questions”. The praise was appreciated.


Many also asked if  other versions for a younger audience (forty years old or younger) were available..    The shortest answer is no. At this time there are no other versions. (Volume 2, 3, 4 are considerations). However, I encouraged all activity directors to consider that all residents in their forties and younger have been exposed to these films. High school age students are aware of them as stage versions, which are often part of the Spring Musical hosted by the drama department. Consider that not all forty-year-old residents admitted for rehab stays are recovering from orthopedic injuries. Some may be dealing with neurological injuries and will benefit from films with simple stories and classic songs.


Other visitors were surprised by the cost ($50.00), Consider that this is a year long activity which averages to about $4.00 per month -- It pays for itself in the first year! It is self contained and ready for use as soon it arrives at your door! It is a busy professional’s dream: Grab it off the shelf and go with it! 


Some conventioneers took that advice and purchased a copy! Thank you! Others decided to wait.  Take the advice of your colleagues:


The Program has easy to follow instructions and prompts of specified questions designed to highlight specifics in the movie to trigger long-term memory and conversation. I would recommend this program to Activity Directors and other professionals whose goal is to provide cognitive stimulation in a fun small group setting”.  

Angela D. ADC, Activity Director, Palm Harbor, FL.


This is one of the simplest and most entertaining activities I have ever done. I highly recommend it to clinicians working with adults/geriatrics, regardless of the setting. You will not be disappointed”.

Lisa C, M.S., CCC-SLP, New Bedford, MA


Don’t Wait!



Thank you to all our visitors at the NAAP for the great conversation!


See you in June -- when the Road to Reminiscence travels to the wedding of 7 Brides for 7 Brothers! 












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