The Art of Courtship
Posted on: 2nd June 2013 18:33:55



 Welcome to the June 2013 Edition!


This month we get back on the Road to Reminiscence and follow it to Oregon territory of the 1800’s to witness the joining of Seven Brides to Seven Brothers.


In keeping with this year’s theme of adaptability for other populations this film is great for students   with great insights into social behavior, etiquette, dating, flirting which can help students understand proper relationships and open   grandma’s memory and encourages her to share.


In this film, as in many of the others spend time discussing the culture in which these men and women find themselves.


Witness strong men who believe getting a wife is like shopping for groceries.  When they find what they want they can just pack it up and  “tote” it home.  That is until they meet their intended brides.  We find these women are equal to the task of “standing up” to these men.


“You think because I said yes to you—I didn’t make you court me and coax me …that that’s all there is to it!”)  Grandma can relate to this because “men are men they need us to show them a women’s point of view”.  This film thrives on how women can mold men into better people. After all it is a woman who gives the brothers lessons in “courtin’”


The lessons Millie teaches in “flirting” should not be overlooked by students (“You gotta call her my darlin’, my dear, my precious…offer your arm…”) simple lessons that attract the girl every time! 



As with other films, it is not the end game ~ the kiss/sex that drives these men, it is the chase. The pursuit of the girl and the ultimate change in the man because of the pursuit moves the story to its conclusion.



As the film concludes the girls have decided they want to stay with the brothers.   The brothers, realizing the only way to get the girl is to “woo” her properly, by “setting a date” encourage the girls to go back to their families.



The entrance of family into a courtship is a great way to encourage Grandma to share: “Did your parents approve of Grandpa? Did you ever think about running away to get married?” Great stories can emerge here.



Whether reminiscing with Grandma or exploring different attitudes toward the sexes with students Seven Brides for Seven Brothers offers you a great “way in”!


Be sure to join us in July for more insights into “flirting”, when Marion the Librarian meets Harold Hill—The Music Man











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