Love and Memory In the Rain!
Posted on: 13th August 2013 20:21:09


 Welcome to the August 2013 Edition – Singin’ in the Rain!


This month the Road to Reminiscence travels back in time to 1920’s Hollywood as we welcome the “rainy” season with my favorite film ~ MGM’s Singin’ in the Rain!


Picture It: The Golden Age of silent cinema featuring the handsome leading man (Gene Kelly), the gorgeous leading lady with a secret  (Jean Hagen), the ingénue (17 year old Debbie Reynolds) and the best friend (Donald O’ Connor). Every leading man should have a sidekick!


Picture It:  Your older generation clientele, students and Grandma engaged in an interactive activity that will have them laughing, talking, reminiscing and dancing in their seats as they enjoy the Greatest Movie Musical of All Time (according to The American Film Institute). 


This film like another Kelly favorite, (Brigadoon) is great for students   with great insights into social behavior, etiquette, dating, flirting which can help students understand proper relationships. 

Not sure your students will enjoy this film or see the value of proper social behavior?   Try an introduction provided by Usher, Follow the link: Hugh Jackman  (  Each talk about the greatness of Kelly as a performer which is sure to motivate your students.


Characters and motivators in place, let’s talk about what can draw you and your students to this film:


The story: Although it is not a new one (boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl…) it has some great discussion topics:


  • Beyond his looks and charm, what kind of man is Don Lockwood?


  • Why is Kathy afraid of him?


  • Why do her comments about acting in movies bother him? (It’s not real it’s just a lot of…show…You’ve seen one you’ve seen them all!”)


  • What motivates him to help her?


Speaking of character motivation:

  • As Kathy moves in and becomes a “love interest” for Don, how does this affect his relationship with Lina?


  • What is Kathy’s perception of that relationship?


  • How are her perceptions changed?


  • What drives Lina to act as she does?
    • Love, conceit, greed, anger? 


  • As Don’s faithful friend, what is Cosmo’s role? How does he help to move the story forward?


These and other questions found in the Guidebook will keep you and your students talking all month long!


The Guidebook can lead you as a family member to some great reminiscences with Grandma from going to the corner movie theatre with friends for a nickel (or was it a quarter?) to having a crush on a movie star (“who was your favorite?” “Did you ever meet someone famous?”) and collecting “fan magazines” (from Modern Screen to Tiger Beat), not to mention  flirting, dating, quarreling and making up!   


Whatever the stories, revel in them, ask questions, make comments, encourage her to “tell (you) more”. Keep communication going! The longer she can communicate her thoughts and ideas the more memories you will have.   The happier and more content she will be! Warm memories help make happy families!




The perfect catalyst for lively/introspective classroom discussions as well as opening the floodgates of Grandma’s memory!  Bring an umbrella as you go Singin' in the Rain!


See you in September when The Road to Reminiscence stops in  Anatevka for Fiddler on the Roof!












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