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Posted on: 27th November 2013 18:32:15





Due to overwhelming traffic on the website in November I was unable to post the monthly blog.


Thanks to our sister facebook page ( - !/pages/Movies-and-Music/196819043698265)

as well as  our Marketing Partner, Clinical Colleagues Confidential (, for picking up the slack and helping to  spread the word!


In this edition we reflect on adventures in Massachusetts at MassCap and in Chicago at ASHA.


Views from the booth in the Exhibit Hall were great!


At each venue new friends/fans were welcomed! 


In a flurry of promotion, many came to look and listen, others came requesting an autograph,  (the first step to fame and fortune)?  Still others, who had viewed movies as a sedentary activity with little therapeutic value, were converted and are now ambassadors~ sharing life experiences with their clients via Movies and Music: A Clinician’s Guide to the Classic Movie Musical.


You too can be an ambassador who:

  •  Allows your geriatric client an avenue to enhance his/ her communication skills via reminiscence.


  • Provides your students an education in social communication between the sexes as well as exposure to great classic films.


  • Opens Grandma’s memory and encourages her to share.



During this season of giving, consider giving your clients a great way to enhance their communication while having fun along the way!


Thank you for walking the Road to Reminiscence with me this year.  I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I have!


Share your thoughts with me!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!


See you in January 2014 and any time on facebook for more adventures in reminiscing and more ways to enjoy Movies and Music!







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