Happy New Year 2014 !
Posted on: 3rd January 2014 12:46:39

Welcome back to Movies and Music!



As I begin another year of blogging about 12 of the finest Movie Musicals ever made, I feel this year is the   year to ask some thought provoking questions to clinicians, educators and families.


Let’s begin with: Why Movies and Music?


Movie Musicals are an invitation~ an invitation to dance and romance.  …“For dancing soon becomes romancing when you hold a girl in your arms that you’ve never held before” . (Danny Kaye ~ White Christmas).


Romancing is so much more than the physical aspects of  a relationship.  


In the world of the Classic Movie Musical it is   calling  her, “my darlin’,  my dear, my precious, my pet” ( Jane Powell ~ Seven Brides for Seven Brothers), a tip of the hat, the offer of the gentleman’s arm,  an umbrella in the rain, (Fred Astaire/Peter Lawford  ~ Easter Parade),  or a walk through the heather on the hill (Gene Kelly/Cyd Charise ~ Brigadoon).   


Romance  in a movie musical and its end game ~ the kiss cannot be realized without the chase.


The Guidebook provides some great examples: “  Didn’t I meet you in?…I have some wonderful carmels over at the hotel…I’ll only be in town a short while…” (Robert Preston ~ The Music Man),  “people think we lead lives of glamour and romance, but we’re really lonely”, (as his arm slips around her shoulder). (Gene Kelly  with Debbie Reynolds ~ Singin’ in the Rain ),   “Don’t start collecting things, give me my rose and my glove, sweetheart they’re suspecting things, people will say we’re in love”.  “…Grant your wish  I carved our  initials on that tree!” (Shirley Jones/Gordon MacCrea ~ Oklahoma)  and finally, “…That kind of game is not typical in this section… I could say with perfect confidence that it’s a blacktop cinch”. (George Montgomery referring to Ann Rutherford ~ Orchestra Wives).

In these examples as  men seek affection from women they use every ounce of charm they have to it get. 


But what of the women? How do they get/keep their men?  In the Classic Movie Musical they are not above using a little charm of their own.  “I’ve decided to let John Truitt kiss me tonight… if we’re going to be married I better start it!" (Judy Garland ~ Meet Me in St, Louis), “It isn’t that I don’t love you, I love everybody…” (Virginia Dale ~ Holiday Inn), “…we only have one Rabbi and he only has one son” (Michelle Marsh ~ Fiddler on the Roof) .


As romance leads to chase,  the chase leads to conquest (in the best sense of the word), a ring on a finger (Fred Astaire /Judy Garland ~ Easter Parade), a proposal, (Bing Crosby/Marjorie Reynolds~ Holiday Inn), a wedding (Gordan Macrae/Shirley Jones~ Oklahoma ), and a life together that is often plagued by  separations  (William Daniels/Virginia Vestoff ~ 1776).


As the romantic relationship comes full circle and the credits role,  you, your patients, residents, clients, students  and family members  are welcomed  to  a celebration of music, dance and oh so many lessons to be learned.


You’re Invited  all year long! RSVP  @ moviesandmusic.biz!


See you in February as your invitation allows you total access to the birth of a nation in 1776!


~~ Lori


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