A Wedding Invitation ~ RSVP to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Posted on: 2nd June 2014 21:25:06


 This month when springtime courtin’ turns to June weddings, open your invitation to communication , song and dance and  RSVP @ Movies and Music where you’ll find Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!


In this film, we find lessons in flirting and dating, each an essential ingredient in the formula that is the pursuit of the girl.


This film disguises pursuit as courting.  It even gets its own song, “Goin’ Cortin”.


According to the brothers’ new sister-in-law Millie, “you gotta court a girl to get her”. Thus answering the thought provoking question for clinicians, educators and families:



Why Seven Brides for Seven Brothers ?


Because this film, like its companion OKLAHOMA,  is one of the best films to illustrate the joys and sorrows of courtship in Classic Musical film.



Courtship as a theme is universal and a great discussion topic for your older generation clientele including Grandma/Grandpa as well as your students.





Courtship begins with flirtation:


“You gotta call her my darlin’, my dear , my precious, my pet” and   “…steal our arm around  her” .


As the brothers learn about flirtation and all it’s forms  about (sparkin’ pettin’ and sofa settin’), take this opportunity to   discuss use of language with all your clients: What do these words mean? How do they further a relationship?


For students  consider discussing these concepts  in modern dating. Do they have a place? If so, where? If not, what has taken their place?

As the story continues, the brothers have learned the essentials of courting and have fallen for their girls. 


After parting from them they experience great sorrow and sing about it in Lonesome Polecat. 

When you add  this scene to it’s companion, Sobbin’ Women, a wealth of discussion topics arise from: Love at first sight, separation/loneliness  to male/female attitudes ~ what forms them and what changes them.  Perfect for discussion with all your clients, students and families all month long!


A discussion of attitutudes often segues into great discussions of motivators. Perfect for students:

Is it only loneliness that motivates the brothers to take the girls?


When Millie says, “You think because I said yes to you—I didn’t make you court me and coax me …that that’s all there is to it!” Is it only anger that motivates  her to punish Adam and his brothers by turning them away from the house?


What changes do you see in the brothers that make the girls want to stay ?

What changes do you see in the brothers that make them want to send the girls back to their families?


What motivates the girls to act as they do at the end of the film? 



Actions, Reactions, Motivation, Attitudes, Dating, Flirting. Courting, Love lost and Love found ~ all from  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!  Aren’t you glad you opened your invitation and welcomed your clients, students and family members as your plus one?


See you in July as you open your invitation to the 4th of July Exercises in River City, Iowa ~ under the direction of Harold Hill~ The Music Man!








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