The Music Man ~ An Invitation!
Posted on: 2nd July 2014 18:27:40

Welcome to the July 2014 Edition !


As you open your invitation to communication, dance and romance, you’ll find a punched Rock Island Railway ticket~ complete with a reserved seat next to The Music Man ~ Harold Hill!


First stop on the Railway Line: River City “I-a-way”


As the train pulls into the station, the Professor exits, bids farewell to his competition, surveys the new territory and allows us to ask this month’s thought provoking question to clinicians, educators and families:


Why Music Man?


Firstly, it fits well into the overall holiday theme of the guidebook. 


From the moment we see River City it is decked out in red, white and blue bunting for Independence Day.  The town is talking about the 4th of July exercises, the “sociable” at Madison Picnic Park and the new pool table!  A pool table, according to Professor Hill, will only bring “…terrible, terrible trouble”. Trouble only he can remedy with the formation of the River City Boys Band.


What a great way in! 


The Professor ingratiates himself with the townspeople promising to solve a problem they didn’t even know they had!

Clinicians and families are given a great opportunity to maximize communication through sing-a-long activities and reminiscence regarding youth, growing up in small town America and participating in the band!


Educators are provided with ample opportunities to discuss character and motivation:

  • What motivates the attitudes of the Professor and Miss Marian?
  • How do their attitudes toward each other change as the story progresses?
  • Why are the townspeople suspicious of the Professor?
    • If suspicious, why are they so easily swayed to his way of thinking? (They agree the pool table is trouble, they provide money for music lessons when they find their children have “perfect pitch”!)


 Secondly, it follows the traditional boy meets girl formula which allows students to learn about proper behavior between the sexes and the older generation to reminisce about flirting, dating and courting.  Beginning with the chase (“Didn’t I meet you in…?”) and ending with the kiss at the footbridge  (‘Till There Was You). 

Thirdly, it is a party in a box! From the sing–a-long songs (Ya Got Trouble, The Sadder But Wiser Girl for Me, 76 Trombones), the fabulous dance sequence at the 4th of July exercises, to the girl who’s hard to get...Shipoopi!  

A party you won’t want to miss ~ catered by Harold Hill ~ The Music Man!


Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day!






PS: Movies and Music hits the road this month traveling to the Florida HealthCare Activity Coordinators Association  Convention at The Hilton Daytona Beach Resort July 20-22!  See You There!







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