Invitation to Meet and Greet
Posted on: 1st August 2014 19:00:58


This month Movies and Music posts a thank you note.


After spending the spring /summer traveling through Florida to meet and greet colleagues at the Speech Hearing Association (FLASHA/Speak Out for Aphasia) Convention and the    HealthCare Activities Coordinators Association   Convention (FHCACA), I thought it appropriate to reflect upon our adventures. 


Beginning with the website ~~ (the ideal way to Spread the Word), to advertising in clinician centered marketplaces  ~~ (the best way to reach YOUR MARKET), to targeted market campaigns (to bring your message to everyone on the web) promoting this great product has been like learning how to swim ~ a struggle at first but rewarding when you learn how it’s done!


How it’s done.  There is no right or wrong way. It’s all about Building the Brand, getting it out there! Bring it to the people who need it!

That’s why the best part of the promotional process is the meet and greet!


We travel to great places (starting in Philadelphia in 2010 and ending this summer in Daytona)!  The view from the booth at every venue is great! When we are asked to participate in Vendor Spotlights we “nail it” with great presentations which inspires some to purchase Movies and Music.   


We thank those buyers and welcome them to the fun that is Movies and Music! We encourage them to become ambassadors for a new and exciting way to utilize a favored pastime


We ask those who are still waiting to purchase this great product, what are you waiting for?  Movies and Music is a completely self-contained, ready to use activity. Just grab your client(s), your DVD and Guidebook and go!



“This is one of the simplest and most entertaining activities I have ever done. I highly recommend it to clinicians working with adults/geriatrics, regardless of the setting. You will not be disappointed”. Lisa C, M.S., CCC-SLP, New Bedford, MA


Consider movies as an interactive event~ an activity, vs. what it often is ~ a sedentary event which promotes sleep rather than communication.    All for about 4 dollars a month ~ what could be better!


To others whom we have met along the way we thank you for opening the door and taking a tentative step into our world of fun by becoming subscribers to our on-line newsletter  ~ Movies, Music, Memories.  (Subscribe here: illustration of the benefit of Movies and Music to everyone!


 As you look for new and exciting ways to connect with your geriatric clientele, students and family member we invite you  to accept our invitation to Movies and Music! 


We thank you for the opportunity to connect with you on-line and on the road!


Have a safe and restful August! 


Enjoy your invitation to Movie of the Month  Singin’ In the Rain!


See you in September when Tevye and his daughters invite you to experience the Tradition that is Fiddler on the Roof!


~~ Lori


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